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Double Stage Pressure Regulator - SS316/Brass

DSR Series

Product Features- Double Stage
  • Cylinder pressure delivery regulator
  • 6 ports flexible configuration stable outlet pressure
  • Inbuilt inlet filter
  • Outlet pressure regulation by hand wheel
  • Stainless steel 316/316L body and bonnet for corrosive and toxic gases
  • Brass chrome plated body and bonnet for non-corrosive gases and mixtures up to grade 6.0
  • Body, bonnet and wet parts in inconel for gas services like pure H2S, HCl and Cl2
Typical Application
  • Component testing
  • Calibration systems
  • Laboratory pressure control
  • High pressure sampling systems
  • Service & test equipment

Technical Specifications
Type: Double-stage
Inlet pressure P1 max. 280 bar
Outlet pressure P2 2/4/10/20 bar
Materials body regulator relief valve see ordering info
Valve seat PTFE
Diaphragm SS316/Hastelloy
Filter SS 316L
Inlets and outlets port 1/4” NPT(F)
Temperature range -300C to +740C
Leak rate (to atmosphere) 1x10-6mbarI/s He
Leak rate (via seat) 1x10-6mbar I/s He
Flow capacity Cv = 0.06
Weight 2.0 kg

Ordering Information

Model No. CSL-DSR-2S-1-2-3-4-G

1. Inlet Connection
DIN: Germany
BSP: British
GB: China
UNI: Italy

2. Outlet Connection
¼” OD/1/8” OD tube
¼” NPTM/1/4” NPTF

3. Inlet Pressure
0-280 bar/ 0-40 bar

4. Outlet Pressure
0-2/ 0-4/0-10/0-20
S: Stainless steel
C: Brass chrome
B: Brass
G: Gas Type i.e. Nitrogen, Oxygen, Chlorine etc.

E. g. if you want to order the double stage pressure regulator for your cylinder having the filling pressure of 150 bar of Nitrogen and desired outlet pressure is 0-10 bar and connection at outlet desired is ¼” tubing then the model number for the same will be CSL-DSR-2S-BS3-150-10-1/4OD-N2

*For mixed gases, please specify the cylinder connection standard and thread when ordering.