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Gas Distribution Manifolds

Chemtron Manifold Systems offer a safe and efficient method of connecting multiple cylinders to a common gas supply line to provide centralized distribution of gas for both high and low purity delivery requirements. CSL Manifold Systems can be used as a manually operated system in conjunction with a line regulator to regulate downstream delivery pressure, or they can be used as an integrated part of Chemtrons Automatic Switchover Systems. Utilizing Chemtron Manifold Systems for the distribution of gas provides greater safety in the cylinder storage area by reducing repetitive cylinder handling and also minimizes the risk of ambient contamination within the gas delivery network.

Chemtron Manifold Systems can be furnished in brass or stainless steel materials to provide delivery service for a broad range of gases and are rated for pressures of up to 3000 psig. All Chemtron Manifold Systems are single row configurations and are provided with the manifold piping, station (diaphragm) valves, 3-ft. flex hose, integral check valves, and manifold mounting brackets/clamps as standard components. Chemtron Manifold Systems are designed for "right side" cylinder set-up, where the gas flows from right to left through the manifold piping.

  • Hose
  • Isolation Valve
  • Cylinder Holders

  • Rugged construction
  • Quality Raw Material
  • Consistent performance
  • Easy to install
Cylinder Quads

Chemtron Supplies gases in 300 bar (4350 PSI) rated 16 cylinder quads, 48 cylinder quads and 64 cylinder quads, which contain typically 40% more gas than 200 bar equivalents. Hence the following potential savings are realized:

  • Reduced rental
  • Reduced shipping and transport costs
  • Reduced downtime, handling and labor
  • Reduced storage requirement

Particulars 16 Cylinder 48 Cylinder 64 Cylinder
Dimentions(m) L x Wx H 1.1 x 1.0 x1.9 1.8 x 2.1 x 1.8 1.8 x 2.1 x 2.3
Weight (kg) 1800 5090 6400
Volume (m3) 208 623 831
King valves fitted per quad 2 x BS No. 3 connection (5/8" BSP RH INT.) 2 x BS No. 3 connection (5/8" BSP RH INT.) 2 x BS No. 3 connection (5/8" BSP RH INT.)
Each Cylinder Individual Valved  ✓  ✓  ✓