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Closed Loop Sampling Systems for Gas

Closed Loop or Closed type Sampling Systems enables operators to take our samples from running Gas Streams in Refineries and Petrochemicals complex. Sampling System make sure that sample is homogeneous and clean with its purging function.

The ability to purge the sample point ensures optimal retrieval of a representative gas sample. System purge configuration provides a system purge in addition to sampling in a sample cylinder. The sampler offers the ability to depressurise the quick release couplings before disconnecting the sample cylinder. This ensure sample accuracy, safety for the operator and zero emission.

There are two types of Closed Loop sampling systems offered by Chemtron, Type –SS1 and Type-SS2.

Type –SS1

When it is Type – SS1, the sample gas will flow through process type. The sample systems is connected to the process inlet connection, flows through the sample cylinder and is returned to the process via outlet connection. Inlet and outlet return connections will have a minimum pressure differential of 10 PSI (0.7 Bar) to maintain flow through the sample cylinder. A third connection on the sampling system provides venting to the relief header.

Type –SS2

When it is Type – SS2, the sample gas will flow through vent type. The sample systems are connected to the process inlet connection, flows through the sample cylinder and is vented to the relief header.

  • Each Sampling System will have its own valves , independent of the cylinder valves, for controlling flow, venting & isolating the system from the process
  • End connections could be flanged or threaded as per client’s requirement
  • Each sampling system will have flexible hose connection for the sample cylinder outlet and fixed connection for the sample cylinder inlet
  • Quick Disconnect connections shall be used and shall be capable of self-sealing with the ability to withstand at least 150 Psig (10.3 bar) internal pressure when disconnected from the cylinder
  • The system will include provisions for flow bypassing of the cylinder and for the depressurizing the system before cylinder removal
  • The system shall include provisions for securely holding the sample cylinder during sampling
  • The system shall bear the a label indicating the maximum allowable operating pressure and temperature