I want to express my great appreciation to your highly and wonderful response and help which you gently give to us.
By the help of Mr Sudhair and the great technical team who spend hours online guiding and helping us in troubleshooting GC CSL-2045 problem we could re put the GC to normal operation.
I am so proud that I could communicate with a great technical team which I want to thank them one by one.
Most appreciation to CHEMTRON company which approved great help and support to their customers.
Through my twenty years of work experience I gained a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of instrumentation and control from my work partners of Indian technicians and engineers in CONOCOPHILIPS and ADCO and EBLA and most proudly CHEMTRON.
Thank so much to your great company and all your great team.
- Ayham Ali Ramadan (End User from PetroCanada, Syria)
ICSS supervisor - EBLA gas company (Petrocanada/Syria)
1) Rest assured, I am pushing your gas!! The quality, Certs, service and packing are 100%!!! Once I get set up with a warehouse post COVID, stocking will be possible.

2)Evening Guys.
I just wanted to share with you compliments from my customer, they are really impressed with the packing.
Overall we are very pleased!!
Hopefully more to come.
Thanks again for your support.
- Matt Daniels (Happy Trading Partner from UK)