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Supercritical Fluid Extraction System

Advantages of Supercritical CO2 Extraction over conventional:

Solvent Extraction
  • Solvent presence is unavoidable. The residual PPM level of the solvent depends on the type of solvent used
  • Heavy metal content is also unavoidable and depends on thesolvent, the recycle method for the solvent, the source of theraw material, and the material of construction of the contact parts of the machinery
  • Inorganic salt content cannot be avoided, using the same concept as above
  • Polar substances get dissolved along with the lipophilic substances from the raw material due to poor selectivity of the solvent. During solvent removal operation, these polar substances formpolymers, which lead to dark color of extract and poor flow characteristics. All this renders the extract to look different fromthe basic components in the raw material and hence it is more ofa "Pseudo" natural extract
  • Both polar as well as non polar colors are extracted
  • Solvent removal requires extra unit operations and hence the cost and recovery of useful material is lower
  • Not hygienic as protein molecules also get dissolved

SCF Extraction
  • Only CO2 is used as solvent which after extraction is released and recycled hence no residual and hence totally free of solvents and product very pure
  • Totally free of heavy metals since they are not extractable evenif they are present in the raw material. No heavy metals arepresent in CO2 and the equipment
  • Totally free of inorganic salts using the same explanation as above no such possibility since there is very high selectivity ofco2 and no chance of polar substances forming polymers. In addition the operating temperature is only 40-50 degree celsius
  • Choice of polar and non-polar components available for extraction
  • No extra unit operations needed and yield of useful material is very high
  • No question of biological contaminant

List of few extracts from our pilot plant:

Clove Bud Oil 19%-20% Commiphora Myrrha 4%
Sasurea Radix ( Root) 3% Jatamansi Valerina
Turmeric Oil 6%-9.5% Curcumin from Turmeric
Marigold 2% Vetevir (Khas)
Ginger Oil 6.5%-9.5% Sandal Wood Oil
Flaxseed Oil

Scope, Specification and Supply of the Supercritical CO2 Science Laborato
1. Extraction Vessels (Extractor): Capacity: V
No. In the system: X
Design Pressure 700 Bar Operating Pressure: 413 bars Design Temperature: 100˚ C
Material of Construction: Stainless Steel 316
Vessel Configuration: Vertical
Ends: Quick closure system with pressure interlocks
Sealing: Variseal, PTFE
Safety Features: Safety valve, Stainless Steel porous filters to be provided at the inlet and outlet of the extractor to prevent carry over of the time particles of the material to be extracted
2. High Pressure Product Separator: Capacity: U Liter (MOC SS 316)
No. In the System: Q
Design Pressure: 413 bars
Operating Pressure: 350 bars
Design Temperature: 100 C
Pressure Control: Through micrometer needle valve/BPR
3. Liquid CO2 Pump: Type: Reciprocating plunger
No. In the system: 1
Maximum Operating Pressure: 413 bars
Discharge Capacity: Variable (30 LTR /HR ) 500ml/min
Drive: Mechanical

Material of construction: Pump Head – Stainless Steel
Plunger/ Diaphragm – Sapphire / Stainless Steel
Seals – PTFE

A. The pump is provided with Safety Relive Valve and Pressure Switch (Auto cut-off in set pressure) pressure gauge, over pressure protection (Safety Relive valve)
B. The pump controller has built in feature for reading out the flow rate of the CO2 being pumped
4. Control Panel Details: Type: PLC controller
Pressure Indicator: All Digital and analogue for pressure zones
Temperature Indicator: All Digital for heating and cooling zones
Pump Flow Control: Thru System software
5. Heating & Cooling Arrangement For gentle heating & precision temp. Control:
A. Hot water generator with hot water circulator
B. Refrigeration unit with chilled water circulator
6. Piping & Valves: The entire piping to be made in Stainless Steel seamless pipes with welded joints and quick connectors of the type of SWAGELOCK. The individual equipment to be provided with needle valves for isolation, safety valves and rupture discs. For protection etc. all the piping and valves are to be rated for 1200 bars pressure.

A. High Pressure Safety Relive Valve: 3 Nos
B. High Pressure Regulator: 3 Nos
C. High Pressure Non Return Valve: 1 Nos
7. Process Parameter Indicators/ Control: A. Pressure Indicator: (Digital gauge 2 Nos)
B. Temperature Indicator: 20 to 100 Deg. C
C. Digital Temperature Controller: 1 Nos

The control panel is the heart of system operation and control. The panel shall house the necessary safety interlock switches, PID temperature control and indicators as well as alarm annunciation. The control system shall be suitable for automatic operation with manual override and indication/ alarm annunciation.
8. Feed Carbon Dioxide The System will be offered complete with 2 nos. CO2 Cylinder filled 30 kg x 2 (60kg ) CO2 with Manifold
9. Spare Parts A. Accessories for Pump: O, Ring – 4 Nos
B. Extraction Vessel Gas Kit: 2 Nos
C. High Pressure Regulator: 1 Nos
D. Valves: 2 Nos
10. Optional Extra, not included in the main system

A. Consolvent / Entrainer Solvent Pump:
Type: reciprocating plunger
No: In the system: 1
Maximum Operating Pressure: 400 bars (Pressure range 0-100 bars)
Consolvent / Entrainer Solvent PumpVariable, 0-5 lits of organic solvent (like Ethanol)
Drive: Mechanical with VFD
Material of Construction: Pump head – Stainless Steel
Diaphragm - Stainless Steel
Seals – PTFE

B. Additional feed Carbon Dioxide (2 nos. CO2 Cylinder filled 30 kg x 2 (60kg) CO2) with Manifold

  • V= Extraction Vessel Capacity Required
  • X= Number of Extraction Vessels
  • U= Product Separator Capacity
  • Q= Number of Product Separators
  • T= Temperature of Sample P= Pressure Required for Sample

Whether Single Pass or CO2 Recirculation is Required

Download PDF file of Supercritical CO2 Extraction