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CO2 Scrubbers

When a commodity respires it consumes O2 and produces CO2. If the concentration of carbon dioxide gets too high, the quality of the fruit deteriorates. A CO2 scrubber can prevent by removing the carbon dioxide from your storage rooms and ensures that the fruit retains its optimum quality.

A CO2 scrubber removes CO2 from gastight cold stores for fruit and vegetable storage. The amount of carbon dioxide that must be scrubbed depends on factors like type of product, the dimensions of the storage area and the conditions under which the commodity is being stored. Once the scrubbing requirement for the connected storage cells is known, the desired level of carbon dioxide can be maintained using the CO2 scrubber. Activated carbon CO2 scrubbers are a more energy-efficient method for CO2 control than molecular sieve absorber (MSA) units.

In an activated carbon scrubber, the activated carbon bed is loaded into the scrubber vessel. The room air with CO2 is made to pass through the activated carbon bed. Activated carbon adsorbs has selective adsorption that binds CO2 and allows purified air to be reintroduced into the air. The scrubber has 2 activity cycle.
- Scrub cycle / adsorption cycle: removal of the carbon dioxide
- Purge cycle / regeneration cycle: cleaning or regenerating the active carbon filter.

  • Premium grade made in India activated carbon ensures long life without physical disintegration
  • CO2 scrubbing capacity from 50 Kg CO2 per day to 1000 Kg CO2 per day on a single skid
  • Controlled using SS316 pneumatic valves which are sturdy with 10,000 cycle operational life
  • Scrub and purge cycle control switching based on sensor feedback enabling stringent CO2 control in the chamber
  • Maintains CO2 between 2000 to 3000 PPM
  • No refrigeration loss during CO2 scrubbing
  • Cheap consumable that needs to be changed every 5 years
  • Unit is placed outside the chambers hence cold room volume is not compromised
  • Auto detection and control of CO2
  • Data logging and centralized monitoring on customer’s computer

Model Room loading capacity in MT Activated Carbon in Kgs No. of Vessels Connected Load in kW
CSL-CAS-100NCG 100 250 1 2.5
CSL-CAS-250NCG 250 500 2 5
CSL -AS-500NCG 500 1000 1 5.5
CSL-CAS-1000NCG 1000 2000 2 12