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Potato / Mushroom Controller

An automatic controller which precisely monitors and controls Temperature, RH and CO2 for optimal growth of mushroom indoors.

The control panel features are as follows:
  • Monitor and control Temperature, RH and CO2
  • Temperature, RH, CO2 sensors are placed inside each room
  • Temperature monitoring of compost / substrate (up to 4 zones in each room)
  • 4 potential free relay output per room
  • 4.3" Colour Touch HMI
  • PLC control
  • Data logging onto USB and SCADA on customer’s PC
  • Trends and graphs available on HMI

CO2 exhaust system:
  • Specialized dampers are needed in Mushroom chambers to exhaust CO2

  • Available in 100 and 150 CFM
  • It removes the CO2 build up but does not allow light to enter the room
  • Circular PVC connections and fittings hence no leakages in the room
  • Weight based operations, no actuators or mechanical moving part
  • No recurring cost, easy to maintain