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CA Accessories

Sensor Module

Temperature is a crucial parameter for controlled atmosphere systems, so it us very important to monitor, control and data log temperature. Our sensor module enables user to record ambient as well as 4 other temperature from four zones inside the cold room.

  • Smart Sensor Module with RS 485 communication protocol
  • Ambient and pulp temperature probes
  • RH sensor with temperature compensation
  • Choice of adding upto 8 more sensors
  • IP 65 suited for coldroom applications

Breather Bags

Breather bags / buffer bags / lungs acts as air buffer to safeguard CA chambers from negative pressure which can induce air leakages in the cold room. Breather bag stores CA air which is required during CO2 scrubbing and helps in maintaining optimum level of O2.

  • Made from 100 um industrial PVC
  • UV stabilized for maximum life
  • Material pressure tested till 40 mm WC
  • Fused seal for 100% leak tightness
  • Available in 2 to 10 m3 size
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install and service

Safety Valves

Safety relief vales keep the CA chamber safe from high and low pressure which are developed during CA operations. Our relief valves are based on simple weight based principles guaranteeing lifelong service free operation.

  • Compact pressure relief valve for positive and negative pressure
  • Adjustable positive pressure from + 1mmWC to 10 mmWC
  • Adjustable negative pressure for room leak testing
  • Rubber seals with Flange joint to eliminate leaks


Alcohol based manometers to monitor chamber pressure during room testing and controlled atmosphere applications.

  • Acrylic body
  • Alcohol based
  • Range – 15 to 15 WC