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Modified Atmosphere

According to the FDA, modified atmosphere packaging "involves either actively or passively controlling or modifying the atmosphere surrounding the product within a package made of various types and/or combinations of films." There are two different kinds of modified atmosphere packaging, Passive and active. We have solutions for active Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) where the gases in the package are displaced and replaced by a desired mixture of gases. Our solution includes MAP analyzers, MAP gas mixtures and scrubbers for modified atmosphere cold storages.

MAP Analyzers:

We have online analyzers for cold rooms and also benchtop analyzers for sampling from modified atmosphere packaging bags.


Our cold room analyser can monitor CO2 and Ethylene levels in every cold room through room sampling principle and control the CO2 and Ethylene scrubbers. The centralized panel can monitor up to 10 rooms. If required the same panel can monitor other cold room parameters such as room ambient temperature and RH. All parameters can be monitored, controlled and data logged through our SCADA on the customers PC. For more details please go to Gas Analyzers for cold storages.

Our Benchtop analyser can sample gas from a MAP bag with the help of a needle and a miniature vacuum pump with low flow rates much as 60 ml/min. The analyzer can analyze CO2, O2 and Ethylene in as low as 30 seconds. The analysed parameters can be datalogged with timestamp and batch number for quality assurance. For more details please go to Bench Top Gas Analyzers.

MAP Gas mixtures:

For packing of commodities in Modified Atmosphere Packaging bags we can provide premix gas cylinders with compositions specified by you. The cylinders that are used for the MAP gases mixtures are conditioned and sterilized to remove all the impurities and VOC to maintain food grade gas standards. The cylinder is also tracked to make sure no industrial mixture or gases are filled in it to maintain premium quality of the mixture.

Various compositions premix gas mixtures are as follows:

Sr. No. Gas type Gas mixture Cylinder Purity
1 Mono Gas 100 % CO2 10 litre, 47 litre and 50litre Food grade
2 100 % N2
3 Dual Gas 10% CO2, balance N2
4 5% CO2, balance N2
5 3% CO2, balance N2
6 2% CO2, balance N2
7 1 % CO2, balance N2
8 Triple Gas 10% CO2, 5% O2, balance N2
9 5% CO2, 5% O2, balance N2
10 3% CO2, 3% O2, balance N2
11 2% CO2, 2% O2, balance N2
12 1 % CO2, 1% O2, balance N2

We can provide you custom mixture for research and studies.

MAP Scrubber:

For converting your existing cold storage in to Modified Atmosphere cold storages we offer CO2 scrubbers and Ethylene scrubbers.

CO2 Scrubbers:

Some commodities have higher respiration rate and hence higher amount of CO2 is generated. When these commodities are stored in bulk in cold storages they build up higher concentration of CO2 will lead to anaerobic respiration, degrading fruits texture firmness and colour. To avoid degrading quality of stored commodity we manufacture CO2 scrubbers and this product is primarily used for Potato, Apple and Carrot cold storages. The advantages of CO2 scrubber in the cold room are:

  • Maintains CO2 between 2000 to 3000 PPM
  • No refrigeration loss during CO2 scrubbing
  • Cheap consumable that needs to be changed every 5 years
  • Unit is placed outside the chambers hence cold room volume is not compromised
  • Auto detection and control of CO2
  • Data logging and centralized monitoring on customer’s computer

For more details please go to CO2 scrubbers

Ethylene Scrubbers:

For storing commodities which are very sensitive to Ethylene we have Ethylene scrubber which filters out the Ethylene generated by the commodity. The scrubber will help maintain Ethylene within 5 ppm in the room. The scrubbers are based on Ethylene absorber granules and needs to be changed after 3 to 5 months of using the scrubber.

  • Ethylene absorber removes the ethylene to extend the storage life of the products stored
  • Ethylene absorber cleans without harming the fruits and environment
  • Better quality of commodity maintained during storage
  • Ethylene absorber removes the bad smell


Model Fruit Capcityin MT Cold storage Volume in m3 Adsorbergranule capacity in Kg Connected Load in kW
CSL ES 100 0 - 100 Up to 750 12.5 1
CSL ES 200 101 - 200 Up to 1500 25 2