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Palletized CA

With Palletized CA you can:
  • Extend the shelf life of a fresh produce by 2 or 3 folds just like in a CA store
  • Convert any normal cold room into a CA store
  • Minimize losses
  • Be flexible with the harvest output
  • Sell as per market requirements to maximize profit

What is Palletized Controlled Atmosphere (CA)?

Palletized CA is a compact CA where the commodities are stored in specialized pallets with a simple transparent bag to cover the pallet to make it air tight. Think of this as a bigger version of modified atmosphere packaging of a bag of chips or vegetables, where the sealed air composition of the bag is prefixed that gives an extended shelf life to the packed commodity. Once sealed, these pallets are kept in cold store under controlled atmosphere conditions until the product is ready to market.

Why go for Palletized CA?

The storage system proves to be flexible where the user can store commodity as per availability and harvest. User can also sell the commodity stock as per market conditions and requirement without disrupting CA in other pallets.


Control is faster in Palletized CA as free air volume is negligible inside the pallet bags. The controlling of gas composition is quick, precise and conditions are met immediately.


Product-specific atmosphere can be achieved in individual pallets hence this system is perfectly suitable for wide range of fruits and vegetables to be stored under CA conditions in the same cold room.

Cost Effective

Palletized CA does not require CO2 & Ethylene scrubbers, air tight rooms and specialized CA doors. The cost of operation will depend on the number of pallets the user uses for storage. This makes palletized CA cheaper both in terms of capital investment and running cost.


Single or multiple pallets can easily be removed or added to the system without affecting the conditions of the other pallets.


With Palletized CA commodities can be stored into pallets immediately after harvest within 1 to 2 hours. As soon as the precooling is achieved Oxygen pulldown in next 5 hours and CO2 can be introduced directly from high purity cylinders.

What does Palletized CA comprise of?
  • Gas analyser control panel
    One panel can control up to 100 pallets. Analyser will analyse CO2, O2 and Ethylene at regular intervals and control the gas concentration as required depending on the commodity

  • Nitrogen Generator
    Palletized CA requires smaller Nitrogen generators. Our generators are based on Polyamide membrane that can reach purity of 99.5% N2 with no moving parts, requires no consumables and have and high performance and long life

  • SpecializedPallets
    These are specialized pallets which have specialized fittings to make the system air tight. Commodities have to be stored in crates or in corrugated boxes. Maximum load capacity of pallet is 1.5 Tons. The commodities can be stored vertically up to 12 feet high

  • Airtight Pallet Bags
    The pallet bags are used to cover the commodity placed on the pallet, they are durable and transparent that is made of Polyurethane film. This helps user to visually inspect the commodity during the storage phase. The bags are reusable

  • Accessories
    Push fit airtight connections for gas interfaces to the bags, PU tubes for gas flows, manifold for CO2 cylinders, food grade CO2 Cylinders

Palletized CA is very cost effective and suitable for various size growers and traders. Different type of fruit and vegetables can be stored in a product-specific atmosphere in a common room and will help to supply the highest quality and the correct quantity on market demand.