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Memberane Based N2 Generator

We are the manufacturers of membrane based nitrogen generators that gives constant flow of high quality nitrogen at a low operating cost. The Nitrogen generators have various applications across many industries such as:

  • Controlled Atmosphere cold storages
  • Tyre filling
  • Autoclaves and Furnaces
  • Blanketing applications for many industries (agro, pharmaceuticals)
  • Fire prevention (server rooms)
  • Laboratories

  • Nitrogen production using Membrane technology which assures long life with minimal maintenance
  • Best in the world membranes imported from Japan, Netherlands and the USA
  • No Mechanical moving parts
  • Instant Nitrogen generation, generation on demand
  • Noise free Nitrogen production
  • Nitrogen generated is oil free, dust free and VOC free that’s helps to keep the commodity clean
  • Variable Nitrogen output from 90% to 99.5%
  • Models from 5 m3/hr to 60 m3/hr as required as per free air volume
  • Smart controls enables quicker pulldown, can be fully automated for unattended operation
  • Saves time cost and energy
  • Safe as it works at low pressures and there is no hazardous waste generated
  • Cheaper than PSA, lower installation costs, low operating and maintenance cost

Model Operating pressure in Kg/Cm2 N2 outout in m3/hr
@ 5 % O2 @ 1 % O2 @ 0.5 % O2
Model CSL-N2G-10M3A 10-13 10 2 1
Model CSL-N2G-20M3A 10-13 20 5 2
Model CSL-N2G-40M3A 10-13 40 15 5
Model CSL-N2G-60M3A 10-13 60 20 10