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Sampling System Accessories

Needle Valves:

MOC : SS316L and Special Material like Inconel and Monel

Part No. Pressure Rating @200 Deg C End Connection Seat
CSL-NV-4-NPT 350 Bar ¼” NPT MxM Viton / Teflon / BunaN
CSL-NV-2-NPT 350 Bar ½” NPT MxM
CSL-NV-4-OD 350 Bar ¼” NPT OD
CSL-NV-8-OD 350 Bar 3/8" NPT OD
Flexible Hose:

CHEMTRON offer flexible hoses which are attached to samplers for ease of operation. We recommend Teflon line double braided flexible hoses for almost all applications. The hose are available in various sizes typically ¼ and ½ are standards used in industry. The various specifications of hoses are mentioned below.

MOC Internal SS316/PTFE and braiding SS304
Size ¼”, ½”,3/8” OD Internal
Length 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm, 1.5 Mtr.
End Connection ¼” NPT (M), ¼” OD, 1/2” NPT(M)

Quick Release Coupling:

We also provide quick connects which are used along with close loop sampling systems. The sampling cylinders are disconnected using quick couplers on both sides. The Unloading station is designed to connect the sampling cylinder to analytical instruments in the lab like gas chromatographs, HPLC and many more.. The unloading system has provision of sample purge and inert gas flushing which maintains the integrity of the sample and dose not allow contamination of the sample.

  • Completely indigenous hence very economical
  • Sample pressure, temperature measurement (Optional)
  • Sample Purge and Inert Gas Purge
  • Sample Isolation if disconnected

Part No. Pressure Rating @200 Deg C End Connection Seat
CSL-BD-F-4 200 Bar ¼” NPT F Viton / Teflon / BunaN
CSL-ST-F- 4 200 Bar ¼” NPT F
CSL-BD-F-2 200 Bar ½” NPT F
CSL-ST-F- 2 200 Bar ½” NPT F

Tube Fittings and Adapter:

Chemtron tube fittings deliver leak-tight , gas tight seal in an easy-to- install, disassemble and reassemble form. The robust tube grip, two-ferrule technology is resistant to vibration fatigue and withstands high pressures and temperature extremes.

Tube Fitting Sizes: 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, ½” OD conection
Pressure Rating: 5000 PSI
MOC: SS316, 316L