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We supply 3000 cylinders worldwide from our Mumbai Production Facility. Our reach of resellers and distributors help us to deliver the required Calibration Gases in these cylinders when & where you required. We believe in constant R&D to develop new customized gas mixtures with the feedback from our customers.

Cylinder Comparison Chart

Model No. Litres of Gas Dimensions Mixtures Pressure
Caliport - 17    17 250mm x 50mm All types 250 PSI/17 Bars
Caliport - 34    34 250mm x 50 mm All types 500 PSI/38 Bars
Caliport - 60    60 365mm x60 mm All types 500 PSI/38 Bars
Caliport - 60HP    60 200mm x 50 mm All Types 1700 PSI/120 Bars
Caliport - 118    118 365mmx 60 mm All Types 1000 PSI/70 Bars