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Auto Ripening Systems

Model: Fruitron 1.01FA

Dedicated ripening controller that supports one ripening room.

Advanced automated solution from Chemtron best suited for medium to large scale ripeners targeting premium quality of ripened fruits.

This solution is best suited for ripening chambers of 8 to 24 tons of fruit capacity.

The controller controls temperature, RH, Ethylene (*to be bought separate) and CO2 based on sensor feedback which ensures repetitive and most efficient ripening process.

5 preset recipes for different commodities.

The controller is connected to our sensor module for monitoring of Temperature, RH and CO2.

Parameter Monitor Control
Temperature Ambient Temperature with range 0 to 50 deg C. Pulp Temperature which can be inserted into the fruit. One relay output for refrigeration control.
Relative Humidity Ambient RH between 10 to 98 % One relay outputto operate humidifiers which are controlled by sensor feedback and hysteresis logic.
Ethylene Measures Ethylene in the range 0 – 200 ppm (optional) One relay output to operateGas Dispensing Unitsthat releases desired Ethylene into the ripening chambers.
Carbon Dioxide Measures CO2 in the range 0 – 3.2%. One relay output to operate CO2 and fresh air dampersto remove the excess CO2 build up in the chamber.

Ethylene Control: (without Ethylene sensor)

User can set dose time between 10 – 99 hours in 10 intervals as required by the commodity and market conditions.

The controller controls Ethylene gas in the room by dispensing it in short bursts at fixed intervals of time.

User can set frequency of dosing between 1 to 99 cycles of desired time period between 5 to 20 seconds.

The controller ensures 100 to 150 PPM of Ethylene during the dosing time irrespective of the losses of Ethylene due to leakages in the cold room.

Works best with our Gas Dispensing Unit (GDU).

  • One dedicated controller for each room
  • One relay output for the control of Temperature, RH, Ethylene and CO2
  • Fout pre-set fruit ripening recipe and 1 manual recipe
  • Four defined process precool, dosing, venting and post cool
  • Auto fall back to time based operations if sensor fails
  • GPRS based messaging possible (To be bought separate)

  • Enclosure: SS316
  • Mount: Wall
  • Input: 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
  • Control output: 230 VAC
  • Number of control output: 4