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Ripening Accessories

Gas Dispensing Unit (GDU)

Gas dispensing unit distributes Ethylene inside the ripening chamber as directed by the ripening controller.

  • One GDU supports upto 5 ripening chambers (except for mango pulping chambers where one GDU supports one room)
  • Comes with all-weather stainless-steel housing with diffusion resistant constant flow apparatus with precision control
  • GDU supports both traditional 47 litre cylinder fittings as well as Ripylene 200 cartridges
  • The dispensing unit has pressure gauges for inlet and outlet pressure, comes with a Chemtron proprietary instant fit adaptors which connect to any C10 valve
  • Regulator comes with precision seals like kalrez and has safety release valve for over pressure scenarios
  • Weather proof connectors for electrical connection
  • Flow indicator indicates the gas that is going inside the ripening chamber
  • IP-68 weather proof connectors for gas release mechanism

Gas Exhaust Damper for CO2 venting

For ventilation of ripening chambers chemtron manufactures state of the art dampers. These dampers accomplish air exchange and removes the CO2 build up inside the chamber which is detrimental to ripening process.

  • Enclosure: SS316
  • Mount: Wall
  • Input: 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
  • Control output: 230 VAC
  • Number of control output: 2 per room

Ripening Chamber capacity Damper solution Number of blowers Number of safety relief valve CFM
2 to 8 tons Single blower damper with safety relief valve 1 1 100
8 to 12 tons 2 blowers for air inlet and CO2 exhaust 2 No 100
12 to 20 tons 2 blowers for air inlet and CO2 exhaust 2 No 150
20 to 30 tons 4 blowers for air inlet and CO2 exhaust 4 No 150
30 tons and above Customized Solutions

Smart Sensor Module for ripening chambers:

Sensor module for monitoring critical parameters of ripening process which includes ambient temperature, ambient RH, CO2 and pulp temprature.

To know more about sensor please go to Smart Sensor Module for Cold Rooms